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Double Down Stud

Double Down Stud video poker is just one of the many poker games that is available online.  This particular game is based on stud poker rather than draw poker, which is what most of the games are usually based on.  In Double Down Stud you have the option of doubling your bet after seeing the first four cards, but you can’t replace any of the cards that you get.

To begin playing this game you need to choose how much you are willing to wager.  Usually in video poker you need to place the maximum bet in order to get the higher payout.  The same will be true with this video poker game.  The higher the wager, the more money you will be able to make in the payout with your five card poker hand.  Once you have made the wager you will get five cards dealt face down.  The first four cards will be turned over.  Based on the first four cards that are showing you will need to make a decision.  You can double the wager that you have placed or continue the game.  If you don’t want to double that is okay.  You don’t have to.  The advantage of doubling is if you know you are going to win the poker hand.  For example, if you bet one coin or credit on the hand and you get a pair of tens you get your original wager back, plus one coin.  In other words you have doubled your money.  If you decide to double the bet you have made then you would get two coins for the two coins you wagered.

In Double Down Stud you are not going to be able to switch out any of the five cards you have been dealt.  Therefore you need to know what the winning hands will be.  In this game you need at least a pair of tens to win any money back.  If you have the Royal Flush you can earn 1000 coins for a one coin bet.  For a 10 coin bet you would earn 20,000 coins.  In this game you need to know when to double down.  You shouldn’t double down if the cards showing have one pair that is less than a ten.  For example if you had a pair of nines, you shouldn’t double down.  The chance that you may have another hidden nine is there, but it is not great.  You are still playing with a 52 card deck meaning you have four cards in each suit.  If two are already showing the chance is lowered that the fifth card will be the winning card you need.

You should only double down in Double Down Stud if you have four cards to a Royal Flush, Four cards to a flush, an outside straight, or four cards to a straight flush.  You also need to double down on any pat hands, or hands that will guarantee you a win from the pay table as this doubles your winnings.


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